Monday, 17 November 2014

Dr. Steevens' Library celebrates Library Ireland Week 2014 17-24th November

Dr. Steevens' Library is celebrating Library Ireland Week.  This year's theme is 'Open For Business'.  Dr. Steevens' Library Staff will be in the staff canteen this week, looking for your feedback on library services.  Drop by and talk to us.  We have a 'Your Library, Your Say' survey that we would like all staff to complete.

When was the last time you read the evidence?

Dr. Steevens Library challenges you to set aside the next 5, 10 or 15 minutes for reading.  The following email contains links to 5/10 minute nuggets of reading material on topics relevant to your work and wellbeing.

We are open for business and with this initiative we are taking our business outside of the confines of the library walls and to encourage people to read the evidence so vital to the success of the health service.


5 – 10 Minute Reads
Top 7 Management tips

Contracting models for commission integrated care
Change Management

Making a case for Public Health Interventions
Public Health

The King’s Fund 2012 Continuity of care for older hospital patients
A call for action

Older People

Service Transformation Lessons from Mental Health
Mental Health

The Non profit Times
6 reason to create a collaborative culture

ABC Health & Wellbeing
Tips for staying healthy at work

Psychological Society of Ireland
40 tips for mental health, wellbeing and prosperity

Transforming our healthcare system
Change Management

15 +  Minute Reads
BMC Obesity
The effect of menu labeling with calories and exercise equivalents on food selection and consumption

Better techniques are needed to help consumers make lower calorie food choices. This pilot study examined the effect of menu labeling with caloric information and exercise equivalents (EE) on food selection.

BMC Emergency Medicine
Emergency department patient safety incident characterization: an observational analysis of the findings of a standardized peer review process

Emergency Department (ED) care has been reported to be prone to patient safety incidents (PSIs). Improving our understanding of PSIs is essential to prevent them. A standardized, peer review process was implemented to identify and analyze ED PSIs. The primary objective of this investigation was to characterize ED PSIs identified by the peer review process.

BMC Infectious Diseases
Antibiotic prescribing in long-term care facilities: a qualitative, multidisciplinary investigation
Objectives To explore healthcare professionals’ views of antibiotic prescribing in long-term care facilities (LTCFs). To use the findings to recommend intervention strategies for antimicrobial stewardship in LTCFs.

BMC Family Practice

Complex consultations in primary care: a tool for assessing the range of health problems and issues addressed in general practice consultations

There is an increasing recognition that many consultations in general practice involve several problems covering multiple disease domains.  The objective was to develop a tool that can be used to measure the number and type of problems discussed in primary care consultations.

Archives of Public health
The EPIRARE proposal of a set of indicators and common data elements for the European platform for rare disease registration

The European Union acknowledges the relevance of registries as key instruments for developing rare disease (RD) clinical research, improving patient care and health service (HS) planning and funded the EPIRARE project to improve standardization and data comparability among patient registries and to support new registries and data collections.

BMC Obesity
Effects of workplace-based dietary and/or physical activity interventions for weight management targeting healthcare professionals: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials

The prevalence of overweight and obesity is high amongst healthcare professionals and there is growing interest in delivering weight loss interventions in the workplace. We conducted a systematic review to (i) examine the effectiveness of workplace-based diet and/or physical activity interventions aimed at healthcare professionals

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

HSE's Open Access Research Advisory Group Announce Open Access Award

The HSE's Open Access Research Advisory Group are pleased to announce a new Open Access Research Award. Please enter online at Full details of the award are available here

Closing date for receipt of entries: 28th Nov 2014.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

HSE Library Update September 2014

Our quarterly electronic newsletter is now available online.  Bringing updates about new resources, health research and publications and a glimpse into the Eastern Health Board archives.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Irish Librarians win Best Poster at European Health Library Conference

Congratulations to our colleague Gethin White (HSE) and Breffni Smith (RCSI) who won the prize of best poster at the recent European Association for Health Information and Libraries Conference in Rome.

 Their poster described the contribution of Irish health librarians to the National Clinical Effectiveness Committee.  Speaking about the award, Gethin White said:

"it is a vote of confidence in the work of Irish health librarians"

For more information please see:

Thursday, 3 July 2014

HSE Call for completed and ongoing research

Health Librarians based at Dr Steevens’ Hospital in Dublin have issued a call for research papers to the health service. The online health facility Lenus ( is managed by the Health Librarians at Dr Steevens’ and acts as a repository for research activity.

Lenus provides a platform to showcase the output of the Irish health services both individually and collectively and makes the output available and accessible on an ongoing basis. This year the annual call for hospital research has been extended to include all research to the health service at large.

 Open Access is the free, immediate online access to research output. 

The motivation to provide this free access is particularly strong in respect of publicly funded research. Open Access was adopted by the HSE in 2013. The organisation’s Open Access Position Statement requires that all research output from HSE employees be made freely available where possible via Lenus and it is to this end that call for Irish hospital research continues to be made.

To build upon this baseline of health research, health sector hospitals and facilities are asked to submit a list of;
  • published research for their institution/service from 2013 to present 
  • reviewed [Ethics Committee] and ongoing research for 2013 to present 
  • ongoing research in 2012/13 that has now reached publication 

  •  Submit details of completed research online using the online form.
  •  Submit details of ongoing research online using this form

For more information please contact Rickard, HSE Regional Librarian or Aoife Lawton, Lenus Project Manager. Email:

Thursday, 29 May 2014

A new web exhibition, curated by Dr. Elizabethanne Boran (Librarian of the Edward Worth Library) on the History of Dr. Steevens Hospital has been launched. It is the sixth in a series of website exhibitions which, to date, have explored aspects of the holdings of the Worth Library. This builds on the very valuable ongoing work in History of Medicine in Ireland and indeed fits nicely with the recent web exhibition of the History of the Rotunda Hospital by our fellow librarian Anne O Byrne. For further details about the Edward Worth Library please link to the website:

Friday, 28 March 2014

HSE Library Update March 2014

The latest edition of HSE Library Update is out now.
Check out new books available from the Regional Library, Dr. Steevens, news from two recent health conferences and latest research of Irish interest.

Mental Health & Intellectual Disabilites Current Research

A selection of recent research in the area of mental health and intellectual disabilites has been made available in this new research bulletin For more details, please contact our mental mealth librarian Padraig Manning.

Monday, 20 January 2014

New Resources for 2014

The Regional Library & Information Service at Dr. Steevens Hospital is offering access to all registered HSE users to the following resources for 2014:

The majority of resources may be accessed from any internet-enabled device with an Athens account.  This means you can access resources from home or from work.
Register for an Athens account on  You may also renew your account online.  Look out for Library training sessions, the first Thursday of every month, please get in touch if you'd like to attend one.